Have you ever wandered around a supermarket, checking labels and wondering what the hell you’re going to eat?… Ever got fed up of buying some things from one place, searching another for something else, all to make sure you stay Paleo?…Ever wished there was somewhere you could shop where you knew everything in the store was 100% Paleo complaint? (and some things were even AIP too?)

Yes? Us too. This is our story, we’d love to hear yours.

The short version of our story starts with an empty shopping basket in a well-known supermarket. We’d just moved back from New York where we found it easy to buy the things we needed. We just assumed it would be the same back home.

Lots of trips to lots of supermarkets and health food shops later and our basket was still fairly empty. ‘I wish there was somewhere we could buy everything we need to eat Paleo’ was the thought that sparked the idea for Paleo & Co and it just wouldn’t go away. We wanted to create a place where people could find the hard to find – where Paleo people can find food and Paleo producers can find customers. So now it isn’t hard. We’ve done the research and found the Paleo stockists and providers you can trust – and they’re all here at Paleo & Co. Read more about our promise to you on our Mission and Principles page.

Who are we?

We are Lisa and Jonathan. Lisa has Hashimoto’s disease, and has found the Paleo diet and in particular the Auto Immune Protocol really helps her symptoms. She loves food, discovering new AIP recipes, long walks with her two boys, and writing.

Jonathan was eating mainly Paleo-by-default for the past few years, but decided to go Paleo 80/20 in 2016. Since then he’s run his fastest ever half marathon and increased his pull up record from ten to 40. He loves walking his dog, Hudson, on the moor, playing with his two boys, and running.

Who are you?

You are ‘& Co’. Yes, the ‘& Co” in Paleo & Co stands for ‘& Community’ and that’s you. You see this website is not about us, it’s about the entire Paleo community.  Our aim is to grow the entire Paleo community  in the UK- suppliers, customers, everyone. We want you to be involved as much as possible. Share your recipes with us and we’ll put them on the site. Tell us what Paleo products you want us to find, or share any you’d like us to add to the site (as long as they fit our principles). Tell us about your Paleo successes (or challenges) we’re here to help – and so is the rest of the community. No judgement here. So get in touch, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Read our blog about who we are, and more importantly who and what we’re not here.