At Paleo & Co we believe in food for good. Not just good for our bodies, but good for everything – people, customers, farmers and producers, the environment.

Our mission is to bring Paleo products, knowledge, advice, recipes and people together. We want to help you find the best Paleo foods around, and to help those food suppliers and producers survive by finding you. Paleo & Co is a community, and as a community we all want the Paleo lifestyle to be here to stay, to be sustainable. To make sure this happens we are committed to being fair to customers, and producers and vendors in terms of pricing and sustainability.

Our promise to you:

  • Food on this site meets the Paleo principles and does not contain diary, grains, legumes, soy, industrial seed oils or refined sugar
  • Everything is tried and tested by the Paleo & Co family
  • We get to know our suppliers to make sure they fit with our values and expectations before featuring their products on the site
  • We will allow suppliers to make their own pricing decisions (including delivery); however we will guide them and work hard to offer the lowest sustainable prices
  • As we grow we’ll work with our partners to ensure delivery costs are as low as possible, whilst being sustainable for all
  • We will work with suppliers to help them develop postage and packing that is sustainable, recyclable and compostable.

Got ideas? Want to help? Or just want to say ‘hi’? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.