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It’s hard to find official figures on the Paleo movement in the UK – most Google searches reveal the two very different sides to the argument – either positive stories of weight loss and health or negative, badly-researched ‘why you should avoid this diet’ scaremongering. But from social media groups, Pinterest pins and Instagram hashtags, it’s certainly a movement in the UK – and we want that movement to grow – but not for the reason you’re thinking…

We started this business for selfish reasons. Not because we want to make money (Although a bit would be nice so we can keep this site going!), but mainly because we wanted to find food that we would be happy to eat and we wanted to get them all from one place.  Obviously  we don’t sell EVERYTHING we need to eat Paleo, but by using a veg box, meat box and fish box delivery we can supplement with Paleo & Co and we have pretty much everything we need.

We also want to say, to those people who make Paleo work buy eating just meat and fish, veggies, nuts, seeds and fruits – a massive WELL DONE. You don’t need us at Paleo & Co and that’s great. You are doing an amazing job so keep it up. But for us, with 3 full time jobs between 2 of us, 2 young kids, a dog to walk and plenty more besides… that ‘ideal’ Paleo diet of nothing packaged or snacky just isn’t sustainable right now – and we think that’s true for a lot of people, so we built this site, so you can be sure that everything on here is 100% Paleo friendly (and plenty of products are AIP friendly too).

So our mission is therefore to support all of these people. The organic veg box schemes, the grass-fed and organic meat delivery boxes, the fish deliveries. And the small suppliers we showcase on this site. Because we want them to not just survive, but to grow. We want the whole movement to grow. For all of our health, for all of our kids, for all of our futures.

So here are our tips on how to grow the Paleo movement in the UK – also don’t forget to follow the hashtag Letsgrowpaleo

  1. Support the farmers, butchers, and meat delivery boxes offering ethically raised, outdoor reared, pastured for life, organic, grass fed, free range animals. You can find a full list of the meat delivery companies we like here. And you can also find out much more at the Pasture For Life website here.
  2. Buy local, organic and in season fruit and veg whenever you can. We know it’s hard – and yes, we’ve often nipped to the local shop to grab some grapes when the two year old has been asking for them for a week – but we try as much as we can to stick to our fruit and veg delivery from Riverford (other veg boxes are available, and no, we’re not on commission from Riverford!).
  3. Support UK Paleo bloggers and Instagramers – whilst there are some amazing US and Australian Paleo (and AIP) bloggers out there, we also have some fabulous ones right here in the UK. Take a look at Comfort Bites Blog, Nourish Me Lovingly,  Eighty 20 Nutrition, Greens of the Stone Age, and Modern Food Stories. And as for instagrammers we love Upgraded Paleo, Joromerofood, and Paleo Lifestyle UK
  4. Join UK Paleo social media groups. A quick search on Facebook will show up plenty of groups – so join and be active. Share food pics – everyone loves a good food pic, ask questions, help others, or just lurk in the background if you must!
  5. Get active on social media and IN REAL LIFE – share the Paleo message with your friends, family and followers. Cook great tasting Paleo meals when people pop round. You don’t have to even tell them they’re Paleo if you don’t want to. (We usually wait until everything is eaten and complements have been given – them hit them with it!)
  6. If you’re in London, join the London Paleo Meet-up Group
  7. And if you’re not in London, find other Paleo people in your area and arrange your own meet ups – there’s a Facebook Paleo Yorkshire group and a South East and East Anglia one too. Just search Facebook to see if there’s one near you – and if not, why not start your own?
  8. Know someone who is thinking of going Paleo? Help them along. Share links and tips like this one.
  9. Support Paleo businesses, like the Paleo at home cookery courses, this soon-to-open Paleo cafe in Bristol, and, of course, Paleo & Co. As opposed to other larger non-Paleo specific online stores (naming no names) who either make suppliers pay to list on their site and/or charge a huge commission, we only take a very small % commission from our lovely suppliers (to basically help run the site and cover costs). So buying from us means our suppliers get more for their product – after all they’re the talented ones making the lovely stuff.
  10. Be more active in the Paleo & Co community – tell us your stories with us so we can tell the world (or maybe just the UK), share your favourite Paleo & AIP recipes, tell us about suppliers you know who we could feature on this site. Get in touch today – we’d love to hear from you.

    Be well, and letsgrowpaleo!

2 thoughts on “Let’s grow Paleo”

  1. Amazing idea… the UK has come on leaps and bounds in the last 6 years.. When I first adopted a Paleo lifestyle following AIP I struggled…

    But word is slowly getting out..

    Happy to support on my IG and facebook group.

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