Paleo treats can be controversial… a lot of Paleo followers don’t snack or eat treats, and good for them. However we like to keep it real at P&Co and when we’re surrounded by Christmas treats it’s really hard! So here’s our favourite Paleo treats – minimal or no making required and they taste amazing. And they are all available now in the Paleo & Co online shop.

Paleo treat raw chocolate bar with tiger nut topping

These Tigernut  raw chocolate bars are the ultimate Paleo treat and a great thing to have handy when the tins of you-know-what are being handed around the office. These smooth, almost fudge-like chocolate bars from The Tiger Nut Company, with a crunchy crushed tiger nut topping are actually healthy! They also do a great Chai version too –  a  mixture of exotic Indian spices, cacao and coconut blossom, with crunchy tiger nut slices. 

Paleo gingerbread cookie mix

This delicious gingerbread mix is Paleo treat heaven. Especially this time of year. Make cookies or cake balls – you could even try your hand at a gingerbread house. Simply add coconut oil (or butter if you eat it) and black strap molasses or maple syrup, blitz, roll and bake. Oh and then enjoy! It can even double as a base for a Christmas cake if you’re feeling adventurous.

Apple pie flavour paleo treat bar

This Paleo apple pie bar is a treat just like the one your grandma used to bake… without the sugar, grains, or dairy. A perfect paleo treat to have on hand when there’s traditional dessert around – indulge and enjoy! These Superheraw bars also come in a chocolaty fruit and nut, tiramasu, and coconut and hemp – try them all with this mixed pack.


Pebbles Pantry blitz and roll raw brownie bliss bites mix
Pebbles Pantry brownie bliss bite

These amazing real food brownie bites from Pebbles Pantry are so easy to make. Simply blitz the contents of the pack with coconut oil, roll into balls and chill. (Both you and the balls!). To us they taste like truffles, and plenty of non-paleo people love them too – a true taste test for a Paleo treat!

Raw paleo chocolate brownie

And talking of brownies these amazing raw chocolate brownies from Elements for Life are called Yummy Scrummy for a reason. They are delicious. They come as individual brownies or as a pack of ten… we’ll let you decide!

Lastly, what better way to enjoy a Paleo treat than make your own chocolate? These chocolate making starter kits form Elements for Life are perfect. You can get creative by adding centres (we tried freeze dried strawberries and raspberries, and some amazing nut butter centres).

What’s your favourite Paleo treat? Let us know below, we’d love to hear from you.

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