A quick Google of ‘Paleo Valentine’ throws up hundreds of pages of seductive Valentine’s meal at home recipes, so the bloggers have you covered. But what about gifts? Forget the chocolates and champagne, show some real love with these Valentine’s gifts for the Paleo person in your life…

Quick note: None of these are affiliate links. Just some things you may like and a few products from the Paleo & Co store.

Also: This is not a hint to the other half of Paleo & Co. In 13 years of marriage I haven’t received one single Valentine’s gift. My choice of course, I’m just not a big Valentine’s fan, but I know most people out there don’t have hearts made of stone like I do, and to be honest, any excuse for a Paleo-inspired gift is fine by me! 

  1. A good Paleo or AIP book – check out here for the ones we like.
  2. An InstantPot – basically the equivalent of diamonds, the InstantPot is on every Paleo wish list. It can sauté, pressure cook, slow cook and even make yoghurt (apparently!), does bone broth in two hours. I love mine and would choose it over diamonds any day. (Take a look here for more details
  3. A tiger nut Valentines gift pack – nothing says I love you like some tiger nut love. This pack features a pack of tiger nuts, a milk bag and 3 amazing tiger nut chocolate bars.
  4. This amazing Paleo skincare set or the smaller sample set anything else from the Absolutely Pure range
  5. A subscription to Paleo magazine. It’s like Christmas every month when this arrives at the P&Co house. It’s full of great recipes and Paleo lifestyle focussed articles to really get you thinking.
  6. Blue blockers – yes we’ve got some, and yes we LOVE them. Our sleep improved massively when we first started wearing these.
  7. Some Paleo cookies – we like these.
  8. A meat or fish box – nothing says I love you like a big box of good food! Check out Fishbox or Rosewood Farm. (fingers crossed both coming to the P&Co site soon!)
  9. A Riverford box – we LOVE our Riverford box from the North Yorkshire guys. Find out if there’s a scheme near you here.
  10. A stainless steel lunchbox – we like these from Elephant Box (and are looking to get them on the site soon – so tell them that Paleo&Co sent you.
  11. A set of delicious teas – such as Ghost Rose and Magic Tarot created by master Mixologist Gemma Tetley in the wild Yorkshire Dales. If that’s not romantic, we don’t know what is!
  12. A Paleo at home cookery course – we are trying to get our dates sorted so we can attend one of these, as they look SO amazing.
  13. A session with a Functional Practitioner like Dan Trussler at Ancestral Health, Dr Indra or Paleo Nutrition coach such as Laura at Live Pura Vida
  14. A Vitamix. Yes they’re expensive, but they are also totally worth it. We chuck a whole lime into green smoothies and it does the job no problem.
  15. Some herb scissors – one our followers suggested some of these the other day and we have used them pretty much every day since. Doesn’t seem romantic enough? Add some basil. The herb signifies love, apparently.
  16. A dehydrator – everybody LOVES jerky, and with one of these making your own is easy. This one looks amazing, but cheaper ones are available.
  17. A nice bottle of… avocado oil (I’d rather have a bottle of this than a bottle of wine any day).
  18. Nothing says Valentine’s like chocolate, so how about 3 bars of this amazing, good for you, tiger nut raw choc?
  19. Or if you want to make it a bit more homemade, try one of these Pebbles Pantry mixes – chocolate and chia cake or the Raw brownie bliss bites
  20. Cannabis oil – yes we did say Cannabis. But don’t worry, this is not about getting high. See what our friend Dr Axe has to say about it here.
  21. Looking for something hot? How about the Two White Hats Indian blend? Or how about something smokin’ (sorry couldn’t resist!) – try the Harbour Smokehouse smoked pink salt – or anything from his range.
  22. Some exercise equipment or a bootcamp class. We like this which was suggested in one of our Facebook groups, and these boxing gloves and pads (just make sure you know your loved one wants these or they could get used as weapons!)
  23. A bottle of tequila – the Paleo-friendly drink of choice. We like this one.
  24. A waffle maker – this ceramic heart shaped one looks perfect – a breakfast in bed of paleo waffles sounds amazing. Top with strawberries, (or, if you’re feeling ambitious, ‘bacon and apple roses’ like one of our suppliers did – now that’s love!)
  25. A Headspace subscription  – we love Headspace and recommend it to everyone we meet. I can’t think of a better Valentine’s gift than peace of mind!

So that’s our list. Got any to add? We’d love to hear your ideas, and any great or not-so-great Valentine’s gifts you’ve had over the years. (One of our suppliers once received a packet of ham… can you beat that?!)

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