FINALLY…Halloween is just about here (anyone else’s kids been counting sleeps?!). After living in America for 3 years, Halloween is probably the most exciting day/night of the year in our house, so we try to celebrate as much as possible. If like ours, your house is full of treats for the trick or treaters, you may (like us) find it hard not to be tempted. That’s why we’ve put together this round of of the best Paleo treats… so whether it’s twix that temps you, you’re sweet on snickers or begging for a bounty bar, we’ve got you covered…

Paleo Twix bars

These Paleo Twix bars from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy look delicious – and everything we bake from this blog turns out perfect every time.

Paleo Homemade Twix Bars

Paleo bounty bars

These bounty bars from The Big Man’s World look divine – and only 4 ingredients too.

Paleo snickers

This amazing snickers cheesecake is our go-to dessert when we have non-Paleo visitors. We use almond and almond butter instead of peanut and it tastes amazing. Chop into bars for a more ‘realistic’ snickers treat but you really don’t have to – it’s all about the taste!

Paleo gummy worms

Paleo gummy worms – yes really. These are a little high on sugar as they’re made with juice, but a great alternative to Haribo or other bagged sweets!

Paleo Mars bars

Another recipe from the Big Man’s World – but we couldn’t leave out Paleo What Mars Bars now could we? These looks amazing.

So what have we missed? What are your favourite Halloween treats?




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