Fed up of seeing American sites with lists of food and recipe ideas? Want a Paleo shopping list UK? Look no further. Here’s a list of of what we buy every week – our Paleo can’t-do-withouts. This feeds our family of 4 (including two young hungry boys!)

*NOTE* There are NO affiliate links in this blog post – we don’t make any money from recommending suppliers, we just like to share the ones we love!)

Our Paleo shopping list for the UK

Grass fed organic meat – we buy lots of cheaper cuts such as chicken wings, minced beef, short ribs, Bavette steak and pork ribs. Here are some of our favourite grass fed meat suppliers.

Eggs – we’re lucky enough to get local organic eggs from friends and neighbours but when buying we try and get St Ewe eggs.

Fish – we get a monthly fresh fish hamper from Fishbox UK, we also buy tinned fish such as tuna and sardines in olive oil, plus jarred anchovies.

An organic veg box from Riverford. This gives us plenty of veg for breakfast lunch and dinners for the week, but we always add an extra order of sweet potatoes, carrots (our kids get through a LOT), extra greens of some sort, avocados, bananas and apples.

Nuts and seeds – to make homemade Paleo granola, for snacks and sprinkling into stir fries or salads (and for the occasional Paleo baking treat such as to make a “cheesecake” base.) Buy these in bulk for the best deals. Get organic if you can but we know they are super expensive – and always soak your nuts (ahem!)

Other things we use every week:

Olive oil – we buy in bulk to save money.

Coconut oil (obvs!)

Coconut milk – we buy this brand in bulk from Amazon.

Nut butter – the kids have it in their lunches or as snacks on sliced apple or celery and sometimes with paleo bread or crackers with some homemade Jam from grandma (thank you grandma!). The littles like almond (we’re transitioning from their favourite legume-based peanut butter!) but the grown ups love these ones.

A jar of gingerbread spiced almond butter by Nutcessity from Paleo & Co
Just one of the amazing Nutcessity Nut butters available in the P&Co store (you’ll also find Carob and Cashew, Espresso, and Date & Walnut!

Almond milk – great for smoothies, with Paleo granola, Paleo porridge or even in coffee.

Herbs and spices – not on the shopping list every week but if you’re just starting out or restocking your cupboards try these make-life-a-little-easier herb and spice blends from Two White Hats.

Balsamic vinegar – read the ingredients to make sure there’s nothing nasty added in!

Apple cider vinegar. We use it to make bone broth, in salad dressings, and for Paleo colesalw.

Coconut aminos – we’ve tried them all and our favourite is this one from The Coconut Company.

Frozen berries – perfect for throwing into a smoothie for a quick and easy breakfast.

Paleo mayo – this is not an essential but it’s so great to have in the fridge. Egg or tuna mayo goes down well with the kids (and adults!), and a dollop on your homemade burgers or with steak and sweet potatoes just gives your meal a bit more oomph!

Hunter & Gather Paleo mayonnaise
The amazing paleo mayo – also available as a three pack, or in garlic or chilli and lime flavours.


Collagen – we don’t buy it every week, but we do use it every day. Great in smoothies or even hot drinks, and can be added to Paleo baking and treats too.

Bone broth – we usually make our own from leftover bones but we usually have one or two of these in the freezer just in case.

Optional extras:

Plantain chips -(perfect for dipping into guacamole, or as ‘Paleo nachos’) available on Amazon.

These amazing Paleo bars – handy to have in the car, for packed lunches or an emergency on-the-go snack.

Any of these Pebbles Pantry Paleo cake mixes – because you never know when you’re going to need cake, right?

Duck crackling – handy to have in as an occasional snack.

3 packs of Paleo duck crackling by Wildings
Amazing duck crackling by chef Adam Wilding – in habanero chilli, Kampot pepper or Peking duck.

This amazing Kombucha – because ferments, right?

So that’s our Paleo shopping list UK (full disclosure, out kids are Paleo-ish and so there will always be a couple of non-Paleo items on the shopping list too, but you really don’t need to know about them, do you?!).

Do you have any must-have Paleo items to add? Leave us a comment below!

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