Paleo snacks can be a life saver for us. Going to an all day meeting and no idea what lunch will be served? Paleo snacks can save the day. Travelling by train or long journey by car? Pack some Paleo snacks. Kids hungry after school. Paleo snacks to the rescue. You see what we mean? It’s not that we are stuffing our faces with snacks every day, they have just become a necessary part of our lives seeing as though picking up something  from a shop or service station is just not an option. (Not yet, anyway. One day, maybe.)

So here are our very favourite Paleo snacks… which would you choose?3 packs of Paleo snacks - duck crackling by Wildings

Wilding’s Duck Crackling comes in three amazing flavours (Peking Duck, Seasalt & Kampot Pepper and Habanero & Lemongrass). Perfect on the go, as a snack to share or even for throwing into soups or salads instead of croutons.

Superheraw bars are not just Paleo, but super Paleo. A lot of these bars are overly sweet and all taste the same no matter what ‘flavour’ they claim to be.  (Dates and coconut anyone?!) What we love about these is they really do taste like they say they will, and with Apple Pie, Superfood Tiramasu, Coconut & Hemp, and Fruit & Nut who can resist? They come as a mixed pack or as individual bars.

Tiger nuts, a great Paleo snack from Paleo & Co

Our Kids love Tiger Nuts. Slightly nutty, slightly sweet, slightly crunchy slightly chewy, they are very hard to describe, but easy to love. Not actually a nut but a probiotic tuber, they are full of goodness. Easy to add to kids’ (or adults!) lunch boxes (they’re NOT NUTS so you’re safe), you can even make ‘nut milk’ with them.

200ml beef bone broth from The Paleo Broth Company

Is it a snack? is it a drink? Agh, who cares, Paleo bone broth is delicious and it gets us through the day. It’s also super healthy and these perfect snack sized pouches mean you can take with you and heat up wherever you are.  This also comes in a large 1ltr pouch (enough for a cup per day for 5 days) in beef or chicken and is great for the office, or for taking with you in your keep cup.

Paleo snack - raw chai and tigernut chocolate bars

These Tigernut and Chai raw chocolate bars are less Paleo snack and more indulgent treat, but we couldn’t leave them out as they are so delicious.  A  mixture of exotic Indian spices, cacao and coconut blossom, with crunchy tiger nut slices. They also do an original version that’s equally delicious.

We’ll be adding plenty more Paleo snacks to the site soon. So what’s your favourite? Let us know below. We’d love to hear from you.

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