Looking for quick and easy Paleo meal ideas? Look no further.

We get it, sometimes you just want something easy and quick – and tasty! We do too. And whilst there are days when you have time to make a Paleo or AIP chilli or Bolognaise, lovely chicken curry or even a delicious roast chicken, sometimes (especially when it’s hot) you just want something EASY! So here’s what we’ve been eating lately. NOTE: These are not recipes, but meal ideas you can easily copy or take inspiration from – you’ll notice there’s a bit of a theme of what Greg Wallace of Masterchef fame would call “chucking it in a pan and stirring it” – and what’s wrong with that? It even saves on washing up!). Oh and these meals are anytime meals – they work for breakfast, lunch and dinner – so don’t be constrained by “rules” – just eat real food at any time of day!

Paleo meal idea  1 – bacon, sweet potatoes and greens 

Bacon, sweet potatoes and greens – why leave bacon just to breakfast? This anytime meal makes the most of leftover roast sweet potatoes but if you don’t have any simply chop up small and fry first, then add bacon and any greens you have. Our almost-3-year-old loves this and has been heard to shout ‘more kale please’ on plenty of occasions. Result!

Paleo meal idea 2 – squash and parma ham

These squaffles are a hit with the kids – we found them in a supermarket, but you can get creative with a crinkle cutter and make squash chips.  This is a simple dish that tastes great as it is or with additions such as tomatoes, dried chilli flakes, any other leftover roasted veg, avocado or whatever else you have in the fridge!

Paleo meal idea 3 – Veggie stir fry

When it’s too hot to cook but you fancy something really tasty, a stir fry works – a few minutes on the heat and it’s done. It’s also a great way to get loads of veg in one quick and easy meal. This one has broccoli, bok choy, carrots and onions, plus cashew nuts, fried in garlic, ginger and spring onion, coconut oil and a dash of fish sauce, but you can get creative and add anything you like – from chilli and lime mayo (yes, it really works in a stir fry) to coconut aminos. And while you may think stir fry for breakfast is weird, once you try it, you’ll never go back!

Paleo meal idea 4 – turkey mince and veg

This is SO. EASY. And the ease-to-taste ratio is off the scale. Simply add turkey mince to a pan with some olive or avocado oil, shred up some cabbage (or whatever greens you have), use a peeler to make carrot ribbons and add the veg to the pan.  Add some pink salt, a few herbs (or this amazing English herb blend), and maybe a dash of coconut aminos and you’re done.

Paleo meal idea 5 – Breakfast (or anytime) salad

This started out as a breakfast salad when we had nothing left to eat and it was shopping day! Crunchy lettuce works well, as does baby spinach. We also added bacon. cucumber, egg, and avo (all chopped small). It was so good it didn’t even need dressing, but a drizzle of avo oil or some Paleo mayo would work well too!

Paleo meal idea 6 – smoked mackerel and salad

Easy? Yes. Boring? Maybe. But tasty? Definitely. Open a pack of mackerel, chuck it on a plate with whatever salad you have. Here we had sliced fennel and a dollop of Paleo mayo with a squeeze of lemon and black pepper stirred into it.

Paleo meal idea 7 – broken boiled eggs with bacon and asparagus

I read a tip once abut getting fussy eaters to eat – and one of the tips was becoming a food marketeer – basically renaming food to make it sound better – so apple slices with almond butter became ‘apple cookies’, smoothies are now ‘milk-less-shakes’ and boiled eggs like this became ‘broken eggs’. This was originally a lunch but works well for breakfast or dinner (just up the quantity maybe and add a big salad and maybe an avo).

Paleo meal idea 8 – Roasted salmon and veg with spinach and mint salad

This sounds like a lot of faff, but really it’s not. Just throw some carrots and sweet potatoes in the oven with olive or avocado oil and salt. About ten minutes later add salmon to the oven. Whist they finish cooking finely chop a couple of handfuls of mint leaves and some spinach. Add to a bowl with lemon juice, olive oil and salt. (this is our version of a Jamie Oliver salad and we’ve been having it for years!)

Paleo meal idea 9 – Mom’s chicken soup

This relies on leftovers, but it is so easy and SO GOOD. Simply add cooked leftover chicken, sliced carrots and celery to some chicken bone broth – home made or this one. This is also good with kale, butternut squash and/or sliced fennel.

Paleo meal idea 10 – Chuck-it-all-in frittata/omelette

We love this meal. It’s so versatile. Makes a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. Great hot or cold. Perfect on picnics and in lunchboxes. Serve with a huge salad, a side of roasted veg or on it’s own. Simply add anything you like to a base of beaten eggs, fry on the heat for a few minutes then pop in the oven to puff up. This one is bacon, sweet potato and spinach which is one of our favourite combos.  Can also be made into muffin tins or cases for individual portions (warning: one is never enough!)

Chuck-it-all-in frittata muffin cups – perfect lunchbox addition.

So there you have it – our ten quick and easy Paleo meal ideas. What do you think? Any to add? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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