Valentine’s and Paleo don’t really go hand in hand… So if you or your loved one are avoiding the chocolates, ‘special’ valentines set menus and champagne, we’re here to help. We reached out to the Paleo community for some Valentine’s date ideas – and here are the best ones…

(Note: the picture above is of bacon and apple roses created by our lovely and super-talented supplier Vivian at Pebbles Panty. She made these for her husband, which was super nice of her considering he once bought her a packet of ham for Valentine’s!)

  1. Cook a decadent Paleo meal – there are so many recipes out there, and this one in particular looks amazing. AIP? All of these AIP ideas sound delicious..  One of our posters recommended oysters (for obvious reasons) with a choice of hot sauce or lemon, followed by a gorgeous grass-fed steak with all the trimmings, and paleo brownies with this ice cream  for dessert.
  2. Make roses from food… who needs flowers when you can have bacon or jerky roses? (Thanks to Vivian from Pebbles Pantry for the photo.)
  3. Give your loved one a home-made strawberry picking voucher or a strawberry plant for your garden.
  4. Make some AIP treats for your Valentine – just the fact they haven’t made them themselves is enough of a gift! We like these from the lovely Jo at Comfort Bites blog and these lemon ones from the The Healing Kitchen book listed here.
  5. A massage – from a DIY one at home (don’t forget the coconut oil!) to a  weekend at a high end hotel and spa.
  6. Get outside – from a walk around a local historical site to a stroll around the park, there’s nothing more romantic than wandering hand in hand.
  7. An indoor Paleo picnic. Picture a roaring fire, some tasty Paleo food and plenty of candles… Food-wise how about asparagus wrapped in parma ham,  strawberries dipped in chocolate, scallops wrapped in bacon, veggie sticks with guacamole… we could go on but we’re getting hungry!
  8. A couples yoga session. Book a private class, go to an exiting class together or head over to You Tube – we like Yoga with Adriene. 
  9. Get high… with a climbing wall date night. (Definitely on our date night bucket list) Find a climbing wall near you here.
  10. Have a electronics free day (or at east evening)… what could be more Paleo than ignoring your phone and computer, switching off the TV and spending some time together?  Sounds like an ideal any time date night to us!

So there’s our list… got any to add? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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