What’s your Paleo profile? Everyone’s Paleo is different. For some it’s stricter than strict for health reasons. (Big old high fives to you guys). For others it’s much more flexible.  In fact the thing we LOVE about Paleo is that you can have a Paleo profile – it’s so flexible – it’s basically a template of real food for you to then tweak however you like and however works for you – from Keto/LCHF, to AIP.

At P&Co we’re at both ends of the scale. Here’s what Paleo looks like for each of us. We’d love to hear what your Paleo profile is.

Jonathan’s Paleo profile:

Paleo & Co founder Jonathan Simpson shares his Paleo profile

In terms of diet, I consider myself “Primal” rather than 100% Paleo. This means I’m about 80% Paleo, and small amounts of dairy and beer make up my non-Paleo 20%. From my elimination of everything, I’ve pretty much figured out that dairy in small amounts is fine for me, (as long as it’s good quality/grass fed/high fat etc) but it’s by cutting out gluten and refined sugar that I’ve seen the best results, both in terms of sleep, skin health, weight loss, and overall fitness.

My typical days looks like:

Breakfast: A green juice, homemade Paleo granola with berries and coconut yogurt, and coffee (or three) with cream and milk. (Yes, I make my own half and half – another thing I miss from the US).

Paleo granola with pecans, sesame seeds and dried fruit
Homemade Paleo granola

Lunch: Paleo coleslaw with chicken wings or cold roasted meat, a huge soup or a prawn and mayo salad using this Paleo mayo.

Dinner: Roasted meat or fish with a huge pile of veggies or salad and roasted or baked sweet potatoes.

Snacks: Duck crackling, nuts, trail mix and the occasional Superheraw bar.

Lisa’s Paleo profile:

Paleo & Co founder Lisa Simpson tucking into coconut oil

I’m strict AIP for health reasons with a few re-introductions. Obviously gluten and dairy were the biggest offenders and as soon as I cut them out I felt so. Much. better. Unfortunately I’ve worked out that nightshades (potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, chillies, paprika, and related spices) are a huge problem for me. Am hopeful of reintroducing them one day when I’m fully healed, but for now I’ve said goodbye to the curries and chillies. Luckily I seem to do OK with small amounts of cocoa, eggs, and a few nuts and seeds (especially almonds). Every now and then you’ll find me doing an AIP reset where I go back to strict AIP for anything up to 30 days.

Breakfast: A green juice and an AIP breakfast skillet – usually leftover meat or fish and veggies fried up in the frying pan, or some ‘tiger not porridge‘, a chamomile tea or a cup of bone broth.

AIP Paleo breakfast skillet of bacon sweet potatoes and kale
AIP breakfast skillet

Lunch: lettuce wraps – filled with all sorts from chicken and avo to rare beef and beetroot, some homemade liver pâté with plantain chips and veg sticks or a big bowl of soup (especially in winter – it’s cold up here in the Yorkshire Dales).

Dinner: Roasted meat or fish with a huge pile of veggies or salad and roasted or baked sweet potatoes.

Snacks: Tigernuts, Paleo chocolate, kale chips, veg sticks with guacamole.

The Paleo & Co kids’ Paleo profile:

Paleo and co family shot

Our kids are best described as Paleo-ish. Probably more primal actually as they do have full fat greek yogurt, and grass fed butter, milk and cheese. Our eldest is gluten intolerant so both of them stay gluten free at all times, but what they eat outside the house (for example at kids’ parties and playdates is more flexible.) Maybe one day they’ll be full Paleo, but for now, this works for us. It’s practical and yet we know that the majority of stuff they are getting is the ‘good stuff’ we are serving them. They used to have quite a few gluten free treats, but after investigating what’s in them, we have binned everything!

Breakfast – school mornings they’ll have yogurt with nuts and fruit, and sometimes bacon and eggs. The youngest often steals my AIP skillet, especially if it’s his favourite of bacon, sweet potatoes and kale – which he often asks for for dinner too! On weekends, we tend to make our Paleo prebiotic pancakes (with Tigernut flour) or waffles, which they have with bacon and fruit.

Lunches – anything from soup (Mom’s chicken soup and our famous ‘pizza soup’ are favourites), to sandwiches made with this bread.

Dinner – their favourite dinner by far is this chicken curry. Another weekly staple is roast chicken. They are also big fans of meatballs with anything, and ‘breakfast for dinner’ where we do Paleo pancakes or waffles with sausages, eggs and bacon.

Paleo roast chicken dinner cooking in oven

Snacks: Tigernuts straight from the pack, yogurt, fruit, nuts and raisins, our pear and chocolate chip cookies, or the Paleo chocolate chip cookies from the Eat Like a Dinosaur book here. 

Oh and we all LOVE these recently developed Paleo Yorkshire puddings – great with dinner, as dessert or even for a snack…

A plate of Paleo Yorkshire Puddings
Paleo Yorkshire puddings – light, crispy and delicious.

Over to you. Tell us about your Paleo profile, and what your typical day looks like. We’d love to hear.

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    1. Thanks Kat, yes of course. Mainly because it’s high in protein and lower in carbs (and sugar) than other varieties, plus they love the taste! We always get full fat though.

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