You can’t miss the Paleo BOSS lady, aka V Capaldi. We’ve seen her at Paleo FX and her story is just so inspiring we had to share it. V has secondary progressive MS. She was taking 24 pills a day and injecting with disease modifying drugs and getting sicker and sicker. At one point she had full time carers living with her and had spent her entire life savings due to the astronomical costs of healthcare in America. In her words she was “facing homelessness, institutionalization or taking my own life.”

Then she discovered something that changed her life.  Now, she manages all her MS symptoms with diet and lifestyle, and even helps others do the same. What a BOSS!

Tell us your story:

I was diagmoed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at 23 years old.  But I didn’t let it hold me back. I built technology companies and became a millionaire by the age of 30. I was a powerhouse sales person, I travelled the world and became mom to an amazing daughter.

However in 2001 I became legally disabled due to my MS. For more than 19 years I injected my body but it didn’t work. In 2003 I had moved onto secondary progressive MS (it was at this time that my 2nd husband walked out on me stating he was going to the movies never to come home.)

Things got worse and by 2011 I had lost bi-lateral use of my hands, I had also developed issues swallowing which is what kills many of us from MS.

Then… friends arranged for me to check off a bucket list dream of going to Burning Man. It was there I realized my life was completely toxic. Over the course of the next 12 months I questioned everything and got conscious.

One day I found a TEDx talk by Dr. Terry Wahls called Minding Your Mitochondria. I remember it like it was yesterday and for the first time I had hope.

Almost immediately this BOSS became a Wahls Warrior and my healing journey began.

You’re one of, if not the, most healed from secondary progressive MS that we know of in the world. How did your life look before you became healed and kicked MS to the kerb?

I had lost bilateral use of my hands, no feeling on the left side of my body, involuntarily limb jumping, constant pain, tilted left, was falling, had balance issues and my life was unmanageable. I had full time help, people living with me, could not drive and was facing bankruptcy. I was taking 24 pills a day and injecting with disease modifying drugs getting sicker and sicker becoming disabled at the age of 37 from the effects of MS on my body.

V Capaldi PaleoBOSS lady managing her symptoms of MS
The wonderfully uplifting V Capaldi, (a.k.a. PaleoBOSS lady) who’s now managing her MS symptoms through diet and lifestyle.

And what does your life look like now?

I manage all of my symptoms from MS 100% myself using only diet and lifestyle. No drugs and no doctors. Outside of blood work, physicals, insurance premiums and supplements I have zero out of pocket healthcare costs. Before I averaged $37,000 a year for over 10 years.

What do you think made the biggest difference in your healing journey?

Having my changes motivated by self love.

How did you find the time/strength/energy to make such big changes whilst you were suffering from this debilitating disease?

I really don’t know. Literally I hear myself and often feel like, ‘shit I did that?!?’ I show up everyday. I have tremendous belief in myself and have never given up without a fight. I am Italian, from Philly and born under the sign of Taurus and that explains a lot I think.

What advice would you give to others suffering with MS?

Have hope and never give up. Your body wants to heal and will respond with each step in the right direction. Build community. Trust your gut and slow, steady, sustainable steps motivated by self love are the golden ticket.

Your famous for saying BAM – what does it mean?

Believe in a Miracle.

Tell us about your Taking it to the Streets Tour:

I travel around the country living with anyone who asks me sharing my “Bag of Tricks.” As I am typing I am outfitting a van that will now be a home on wheels for the tour. This is a 100% community powered van and I am so excited. The tour is free or donation based and accessible to all.

Tell us more about the BAM Van:

It is a community powered van that is the latest addition to the “Taking it to the Streets tour.” I will use the van to tour for the next 5 years.

Can you give us some highlights/inspiring examples from the tour?

A woman who had little ability to use here hands begin to elevate them.

A man telling me that after meeting me I changed his life because I reminded him about joy. He was getting ready to retire and did not know what he was going to do and it had been nagging him. Now he knew…find joy!

A person who was grieving and came to a retreat walked in one person and walked out another. You could physically see the healing and growth and that is a hugely powerful moment.

Have you been to the UK on your tour? Any plans to return?

No I have not and would love to make this happen. I had planned to come in 2018, but the van happened when someone offered to help me with the down payment so things had to be changed around for good reason.

If you would like a visit email me at Even if you are in the UK. I have a list started already.

We love your recipe e-books (which can be found here) – any favourite recipes you’d like to share with the Paleo & Co community?

This Italian Wedding Soup always goes down well.

How can people support you?

They can make a donation to for the BAM van build out or you can donate $75 (around £54) and get two 50-minute Skype sessions with me.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I believe in the power of all of us to tap our BAM.


Thank you so much V.

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