Shopping and delivery – how it works:

Paleo & Co is a marketplace connecting you with niche Paleo suppliers and makers. Here’s how it works:

  1. You, our lovely customer, place an order with us
  2. We pass that order on to the talented supplier who packs and ships your order
  3. If you order from more than one supplier you will pay just one delivery charge for each supplier (NOT per item) and get separate packages
  4. The shipping cost is set by the supplier; we try to work with them to keep this as low as possible and NEVER, EVER make any money on the shipping (as some companies do!)
  5. You get your Paleo packages and are delighted (and if you’re not, tell us and we’ll put it right).

TIP: Because many of our suppliers offer FREE DELIVERY over a certain amount, stock up on lots of Paleo and AIP supplies at a time. Just be careful with the chocolate. If we have more than 3 bars in the house, it gets dangerous.

Don’t forget:

  • Each supplier has one delivery charge, so no matter how many items you order from them you will pay just one shipping cost. (See delivery tab on each product page).
  • Most suppliers offer a flat rate delivery charge up to a certain weight so you can always see how much you’ll pay.
  • Shipping costs are up front and not hidden at the checkout page as they are with some other websites. (Does that bug you as much as it bugs us?!)
  • Most suppliers offer a FREE DELIVERY option when you order over a certain amount – so buy in bulk to save.

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