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How do you pronounce Paleo?

There seems to be a bit of confusion amongst us Brits about how to pronounce Paleo. We first discovered paleo in America and we say it like this: Pay-Lee-Oh

What is Paleo?

The Paleo diet refers to a way of eating that echoes how our ancient ancestors would have, before industrialised farming. It’s about eating things good for our bodies and minds. You can find more about the Paleo diet and lifestyle here, but it generally includes lots of fresh vegetables, berries, nuts, eggs and grass fed, organic meats, and avoids grains, dairy, legumes, soy and refined sugar.

What is AIP?

AIP stands for the Auto Immune Protocol. It’s a more restrictive version of the Paleo Diet which is designed to help people with auto immune diseases. AIP eliminates everything on a standard Paleo diet as well as eggs, nuts and seeds (including seed based spices such as coriander seed, fennel seed etc), nightshades (tomatoes, chillies, peppers, paprika, aubergines and white potatoes). Here is a great resource from the Paleo Mom all about AIP. 

Why does Paleo & Co exist?

We want to make sure people who eat Paleo find the food and products they need, and we want to help good Paleo suppliers and food makers sell to their customers. Basically we want to help make sure this is a sustainable way of eating and not another ‘fad diet’.

Should I eat Paleo?

We can’t answer that question. Neither of us are qualified in any way to give medical or nutrition advice. Which is why we don’t. We are not nutritionists or health coaches, fitness experts or dieticians. We are a family who eats Paleo and AIP, and on this site we’ll tell you what works for us, what we like to eat and give you the option of buying it too.

Who are you?

We are Lisa and Jonathan. Lisa has been Paleo for 3 years to help with her auto immune disease. Jonathan has been Paleo for a year and a half and is loving how it makes him feel (and how fit he has become). Want to know more? Let us introduce ourselves fully here.

What’s behind the name? Who are ‘and Co’?

The ‘& co’ is you. One of our main aims with Paleo & Co is to create a community. Paleo as a way of life can’t thrive and grow without a community. YOU are our community and we’re so excited to have you with us.

How does it work?

Paleo & Co is a marketplace. We choose the best Paleo suppliers and food makers and feature them here on our site. You fill your basket with the best Paleo goods and check out as normal – your payment goes to us and is secure. We will never share your payment details with the supplier or anyone else for that matter. We pass your order details and payment on to the supplier and they deliver your order. See our delivery page . They will never contact you directly, and if you have any problems with your order you can use the Your Orders page to let us know. We’re always here to help.

Who delivers my order?

Our mission is to help you find the best Paleo suppliers around, and to help those suppliers survive by finding you. We all want Paleo to be sustainable. That means your order will be passed on to the supplier and they will deliver your order. In some cases, if a particular supplier is small and niche and doesn’t have the capacity to deliver, we will arrange delivery to you. It will say who is delivering your order in your confirmation email. If you order from more than one supplier you will receive more than one delivery because they will be coming from different places. See our Delivery page for more details.

How much is delivery?

Because each supplier arranges their own delivery (see who delivers my order, above), charges can vary. Delivery charges will always be up front and shown on the product page, outlined on our Delivery page and shown on your checkout page, so you’ll always know what to expect. As we grow we’ll work with our partners to ensure costs are as low as possible, but sustainable for all. In the meantime, because most of our suppliers have a free delivery option if you order a certain amount, it could work out better to buy in bulk or team up with a friend and buy between you.

Why are there lots of delivery charges on my checkout page?

We are a marketplace rather than a distributer. That means we pass on your order to the maker. Our purpose is to help these small, niche Paleo suppliers and makers to grow, helping to grow the Paleo movement as a whole. Because each supplier sends their own package to you, they each charge a different delivery rate. We are working with our suppliers and their delivery providers to get these charges AS LOW AS POSSIBLE. We will also be looking at alternatives in future such as consolidating delivery if that is something you (our customers) want. However right now we have to prove that there is a market, so we’re doing it the best way we can. Let us know if you have any ideas, we’d love to hear from you.

Some other websites offer ‘free delivery’ – why don’t you?

We are a marketplace and as such let our suppliers decide how much postage is. We are working with them to make this as low as possible for you, our lovely customer. Here at Paleo & Co we don’t make any money on postage and delivery costs. One of our main principles is to be honest and straightforward – which is why we are being honest about delivery. We are trying to keep costs as low as possible and make sure each supplier has a free delivery option when you order over a certain amount.  Take a look here for a full breakdown of delivery charges per supplier here including how much you need to spend with a supplier to enjoy free delivery.

What if I’m not happy with my order?

We want you to be at best delighted and at worst satisfied. If you’re not let us know on the My Orders page and we’ll sort it.

What if my order doesn’t arrive?

All of our orders are trackable on this site, but if you’re worried, fill in the form on the Your Orders page and we’ll sort it.

What happens when things are out of stock?

Our suppliers are niche. That means they tend to be small scale. We are helping them and the Paleo movement grow. That means if Paleo & Co is successful and we get a lot of orders sometimes we won’t be able to get them to you straight away, simply because our small suppliers may not be able to cope. It’s a good problem to have but it’s still a problem. We want to get you the things you want when you want them. If an item is out of stock it will show this on the page, and we will always let you know when it’s back in.

All all the products on this site certified Paleo?

One of the things we love about Paleo is that it is backed by science. It looks back but also forward. Because of this a certification scheme is really difficult. We have looked into the schemes that are currently out there – but don’t think they are there yet. That’s why we stay away from grey areas on this site. If something is a ‘maybe’ such as white potatoes or grass fed butter it won’t feature. It’s because one of the things we want to do is to make life easier and stop people having to read ingredients on everything so they know they can eat it. Sure, some Paleo peeps eat potatoes and grass fed butter, but plenty don’t so we want to make sure we’re catering for everyone. Nothing on this site contains grains, dairy, soy, refined sugar, or any kind of artificial sweeteners, legumes or industrial seed oils. We’ve even rejected products because of ingredients such as stabilisers.

How do you decide which Paleo products to offer?

Not all Paleo products make it on to Paleo & Co. Before it can be featured on the site, a product has to pass the Paleo & Co family taste test. And we’re a picky bunch. We also make sure we visit the supplier and are happy with their ingredients, production methods and general business practices. For us, it has to be food for good.

I’m AIP: how do I know what’s suitable for me?

Just like we said above, we want to make reading ingredients labels unnecessary for you. That’s why everything AIP (or Vegan, or Low FODMAP, or Raw etc) is labelled as such. You can also shop via attribute (say AIP) and that will only show AIP approved products. Just go to the select category menu on the right hand side of the shop page – you can choose AIP, Organic, Keto and so on.  Obviously AIP is not meant to be forever and as you get to introduce things hopefully you will be able to enjoy some of the other things on our site. (If you have any AIP related questions or comments get in touch, our co-founder Lisa is also AIP and would love to hear from you.)

What’s the science behind Paleo?

Paleo is not just about looking back at what our ancestors ate, it’s about using that with what we know now to identify what’s best for our bodies. Science by its very nature is about disproving what has gone before so there will always be newer studies showing results that change things (which in turn leads to those Paleo grey areas – potatoes, grass fed butter etc). Whilst we LOVE that Paleo is backed by science (see here, here, and here.) we also know that nothing is better than trying it for yourself and seeing what happens. We did it. We saw the changes in our symptoms, our energy levels, our moods, our body weight and shapes.

Why don’t you sell fresh fruit & vegetables?

Fresh vegetables and fruit are the basis of a good Paleo diet (and by diet we mean the kind of foods typically eaten, and not “diet” diet…), which is why you’ll see plenty of pictures and recipes featuring vegetables and fruit throughout this site. In time we hope to add fresh fruits and vegetables to our product range, but at the moment it’s proving to be logistically complicated. Until we can supply you with fruit and veg we have a range of recommendations here.

Is Paleo safe for kids?

First and foremost, we are not doctors, health coaches, nutritionists or advisors of any kind. Whether or not you feed your kids Paleo food is a personal choice. It’s a choice we’ve decided to go for. We have seen the benefits of eating this way, and want the same for our kids. And cutting out grains, processed food and refined sugar and giving them lots of fruits, veggies and grass-fed organic meat and wild caught fish seems like a good plan for us. They still have some dairy (from grass-fed cows) and sometimes eat rice. They occasionally get non-Paleo treats. They are kids after all. But for the most part – and always at home – we all eat Paleo. There’s lots of information out there on whether or not Paleo is safe for kids. This site is great Paleo Leap kids. Even this fairly negative article from the Telegraph quotes Dr Colin Michie, Chair of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’s Nutrition Committee, who says it’s a safe way for kids to eat Telegraph article

This book from the Paleo Parents at Real Everything has also been great for our family. It even got our four-year-old choosing to make himself a salad! Yes, it’s a miracle book. Click here to buy the book.

Why is this such an expensive way to eat?

One of the criticisms often aimed at Paleo is that it’s an expensive way to eat. And it can be. One of our overall aims at Paleo & Co is for Paleo to be sustainable. If we price people out of the market that’s never going to happen. So whilst we let suppliers make their own pricing decisions, we will guide them and work hard to offer the lowest sustainable prices.

I’m a Paleo producer/supplier how can I sell with you?

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

I can’t find a Paleo product that I want. Can you stock it?

If there’s something you love that we don’t stock get in touch. We’ll take a look at the supplier or producer and if we think they fit with our values we’ll put it on the site.

Why does Paleo get such a bad rep?

Honestly, we don’t know. Most of the people with negative things to say are people who don’t actually eat Paleo, so we really can’t understand what their beef is. There are a lot of myths too. A lot of people and journalists think Paleo is all meat, whereas most people stick to a ratio of 75% vegetables and 25% protein. There’s also a big misconception that Paleo is bad for the environment – look out for a blog post on this coming soon.

I’m hungry. What can I eat?

Well ANYTHING on this site. Everything adheres to the Paleo principles, is good for the environment, and sustainable. TigernutsDuck cracklingProtein bars? Brownies? Go for it. And if you have special requirements, such as  AIP, LOW FODMAP, VEGAN, KETO, or RAW – you’ll find our handy icons help you choose the food that’s right for you. You can also shop by lifestyle/need or use the search bar at the top of every page. Happy hunting guys.