A list of our favourite books, magazines, documentaries and more

Paleo magazines

We LOVE this magazine and get it sent from America – it’s the only Paleo magazine out there and covers everything from food to lifestyle. Now you can get it delivered direct to your door by clicking on the image below:

(Note, this is an affiliate link – it means if you subscribe to Paleo Magazine via this link, the publishing company will pay us a small percentage to help with the running of this site. You don’t pay any extra though.)




Primal Eye magazine – the UK’s first and only online primal magazine.

Paleo recipe books:

There are hundreds of Paleo recipe books out here. The ones listed below are the ones we have and use all the time. You know, the ones covered in drips of food, with pages falling out. The best kind of recipe books.

(NOTE: They are mainly American books and measurements tend to be in cups – which, by the way, we have found to be SO. MUCH. EASIER.)

Paleo Takeout – Who doesn’t want takeout now and again? Russ Crandall, aka, has a great story about why he eats the way he eats (we won’t spoil it in case you get the book but he’s got a killer scar). Russ eats some dairy, potatoes and white rice, but makes all his recipes adaptable to particular needs (even AIP) and a lot of the recipes are quick and easy. Not quite as easy as dialling up the local takeaway place, but almost. The Tom Kha Gai is a winner with the whole family too.

Eat Like a Dinosaur – Our four-year-old got this for Christmas and loves it. It’s not quite cured his picky eating, and he mostly loves to bake the treats (Choc chip cookies, Paleo ice-cream, muffins etc) rather than the veggies in this, but he did ask for salad the other day, and we’re attributing it to this book. (NOTE: This is an Amazon affiliate link. if you buy this book through this link Amazon will pay us a %. You don’t pay any more though.)

Paleo books:

The Primal Blueprint & Primal Endurance – Before reading this Jonathan was Paleo by default, being too lazy to cook anything different to what the family were having. In his first book, The Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson champions the benefits of Paleo/Primal for training and convinced Jonathan to get on board fully. (Previously a carb-junkie, Jonathan hit the wall 2 miles from the end of the NYC marathon, after ingesting carb gels on the way round. It made him think Paleo must be worth a try.)

Now we’re onto Primal Endurance, which is all about the Primal approach to endurance training (beyond simply diet). We won’t give too much away, and Jonathan is only just starting to adopt the methods, but the promise of getting faster by slowing down and running less has got his attention.

AIP books:

The Healing Kitchen – The reason this book got bought? The AIP pizza recipe. And if that’s the only thing I made it would be totally worth it, but nearly everything in this book is delicious. The carnitas is amazing, the lemon macaroons delicious and the cherry pie bars? Actually I hated these. But the rest of the book is great.

He won’t know it’s Paleo – This book maybe doesn’t look as good as the others, the photography maybe isn’t as slick as it could be, but seriously, the food in this book is so, SO good. The ‘cheesy’ broccoli soup, the N’oatmeal cream pies, the blackberry cobbler. Seriously. So good. And you can’t beat the name either. Love it.

The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook– Whilst this does have some recipes, this book is more about the whole healing process – from sleep and stress management to exercise. I’d recommend it for those with auto immune diseases who are already working on nutrition but need help in other areas.

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook – Similar to the Wellness Handbook but with lots more recipes. This was the first AIP book in our house and we have cooked so many meals from it, such as the coconut crusted cod, the curried chicken salad, cabbage slaw with olive-avocado dressing and the cherry BBQ sauce which we smother over everything including chicken wings, ribs and burgers.

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