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Hudson, the Paleo & Co hound is our very own Paleo pet. In fact he was  Paleo before we were. We just knew dried food wasn’t right for him (too much starch, not enough protein) and so fed him mainly raw food or chicken we bought from Wholefoods (I know, I know… most spoilt dog ever!) Anyway, in 2015, a few days after we brought our second cave baby home from the hospital, Hudson was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. The vet gave him a few days – a week at the most. He had surgery but they weren’t hopeful. Two years on “Huddy Bear” as he is know by the kids is still with us and going strong (if slightly grumpy), and although we can’t prove it, we put it down to his Paleo diet. That’s why we’ve included this section on Paleo pets.

PaleoPet – a website dedicated to helping you feed your dogs and cats a raw Paleo diet.

Paleo Ridge Raw – UK Paleo dog food available online – they even come in wool cool boxes and so are eco-friendly too.

Homemade real dog food from Wellness Mama – This website has loads of great information, always well researched. This post is a great starting point for transitioning your pets to a real food diet.

Natural instinct raw food – not everything they sell is 100% Paleo (for example the fish one has barley and wheatgrass) but most are, and most importantly Hudson loves them (especially the tripe – ewww!)

Something we should add? Get in touch, and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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