Enjoy a multipack of this deliciously different duck crackling from Wilding’s. 4 x Peking Duck, 4 x Seasalt & Kampot Pepper, 4 x Habanero & Lemongrass.

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4 x Peking Duck, 4 x Seasalt & Kampot Pepper, 4 x Habanero & Lemongrass.

These delicious duck crackling snacks created by chef Adam Wilding, use BRC accredited ducks sourced from the British Isles, so you can be sure every effort is made to create the highest welfare standards for the animals. The breeds of duck are Peking and Aylesbury crosses which produce the best texture and flavour. We have them as handy snacks but they can also be used in salads or in soup as an alternative to croutons. Adam also suggests using them as a base for a rich pâté which we have yet to try, but it’s on our list as it sounds so damn-delicious.

Wilding Snacks

Chef Adam Wilding worked in professional kitchens – where nothing is wasted in the pursuit of perfection. He first created his now-famous duck crackling for a canapé course, it was a tough one to get right but he worked with a team of food scientists and finally cracked it. Here at P&Co we were almost won over the minute we saw the words ‘duck’ and ‘crackling’. But we had to stick to our strict vetting process, so we ordered some without telling them who we were – and we LOVED them. And so did the judges of the 2017 UK Paleo Awards – they won the judges excellence award and were a runner up in the snacking category.

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Peking Duck flavour: Duck skin, sea salt, spices (fennel, cassia, star anise, black pepper, cloves), coconut sugar. (For all you avid ingredients readers, cassia is the spice made from the bark of East Asian evergreen trees – a bit like cinnamon).

Habanero and lemongrass flavour: Duck skin, sea salt, ground lemongrass, coconut sugar, habanero chilli powder.

Smoked sea salt and kampot pepper flavour: Duck skin, sea salt, kampot pepper, coconut sugar.

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