100% CACAO DROPS (100g)

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100% organic cacao drops from Pebbles Pantry. Add to muffins, cookies, Paleo granola or trail mix.

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Supplier: Pebbles Pantry


These are 100% Cacao made from the finest and purest organic cacao beans sourced from Peru.

Deep, intense and slightly bitter in flavour they are chock-full of beneficial antioxidants. Perfect as a quick healthy snack. We send some in the kids’ lunchboxes and add them as a treat in their trail mix. Vivian at Pebbles Panty also suggests  stuffing them into dates to eat on the go (we’ll be trying that soon!) and you can even use these to make home-made chocolate bars. Why not add in some tiger nuts too?

Pebbles Pantry

Vivian at Pebbles Pantry has been creating her Paleo treats for her family and friends since transitioning to a Paleo/Primal Lifestyle a few years ago. They were so popular she realised she could inspire more people to eat healthier through her ‘Paleosophy’, and so Pebbles Pantry was born. Her mission?  To change the way you bake and create mixes that you and your body will love. They  use organic ingredients wherever possible and focus on highly nutritious ingredients. Our whole family love her creations and the fact that they’re so easy to make is a bonus.




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100% Cacao from organic cacao beans sourced from Peru.


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