Salted date and walnut butter from Nutcessity – it’s slightly sweet, slightly salty and perfect for adding a little something different to your breakfast.

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Supplier: Nutcessity


Walnut nut butter is our new obsession. We didn’t even know it was a thing until Mike at Nutcessity sent us this salted date and walnut nut butter. It’s slightly sweet and slightly salty and just SO. GOOD.

Reminiscent of date and walnut cake (anyone else’s grandparents feed them this as kids or just us?), the roasted walnut butter flavour comes through the sweetness, making it perfect for walnut lovers, or anyone who likes something new.

Walnuts are a good source of the essential fatty acid omega-3. They also boast iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, vitamin E and some B vitamins. And we think they’re good for your brain because they look like brains. That’s true isn’t it? Or is it just an old wives tale? (If we’re wrong, don’t tell our kids, it’s how we got them to eat walnuts!)

Anyway,  this walnut butter spread is a wholesome (if indulgent) way to enjoy any Paleo toast. It’s also great stirred into Paleo porridge like this one and we’re also thinking it would make some great walnut and date bars maybe with tigernut flour or even these great tiger nuts crunch… anyone fancy developing us a recipe?!

Mike at Nutcessity says: “Think good-for-you salted caramel with a tinge of deep roasted bitterness…” Mmm yeah.


Mike makes nut butter a little differently... No peanuts here, but a blend of various natural, organic ingredients are used to create nut spreads that are healthy, but taste great too. All are home-made and free from refined sugar, gluten & added oil. They make a terrific treat for weekend breakfasts, for everyday snacking or as the perfect paleo gift. He hopes you enjoy his nut butters!

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organic roasted walnuts (50%), organic toasted coconut flakes, organic roasted sunflower seeds, organic dried dates (7%) & unrefined pink Himalayan crystal salt.


£2.99 for 1 – 6 jars with Royal Mail 2nd class

Nutritional info


Calories 620.4

Fat (saturated): 59.4 (19.4)g

Carbohydrate (sugars): 9.9 (8)g

Fibre 7.7g

Protein 12.1g

Salt 0.9g


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