A simple but tasty blend of salt, pepper and garlic powder from Two White Hats – it makes everything taste better.

Supplier: Two White Hats


Debra at Two White Hats created these blends to make life a bit easier – and they do just that. A simple but effective blend of salt pepper and garlic powder, we use it daily in the Paleo & Co house. Add to almost anything to make it instantly taste better!

Two White Hats

Debra is a friend of a friend of a friend. She started creating spice blends after going on a healthy eating kick – she spent lots of time cooking from scratch with raw ingredients and no processed additives and saw the benefits. To make life easier she developed some recipes using the same herbs and spices and the company has grown from there.  We love her enthusiasm, down to earth-ness and the fact that her products put ‘convenience’ back into our vocab. Convenient Paleo – who’d have thought it?!

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The season to blend combines salt, pepper, and garlic powder.


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