Finding your AIP and Paleo suppliers is a role we take very seriously. Paleo & Co is a community and these guys are part of it. Becoming a supplier for Paleo & Co is not always easy. The one thing they all have in common though is that they are dedicated to changing the way we eat – for the better. That and the fact that they have to pass our tough selection process:

  • First, before we even approach a supplier, we make an anonymous ‘mystery’ purchase to check out the product, the service, the delivery, the packaging – we even check out who they use for delivery and how friendly the driver is!
  • Then if a company passes that test we will give them a call. We like to work with people like us, and so instead of formal emails and business meetings we have a chat – mainly about us personally and them personally to see if we are a good fit.
  • There’s usually quite a few calls and chats and usually a face to afce meeting before we decide whether we’re going to work together.
  • Finally, if they’re in, we give them the thumbs up and get them on to the site. They send us their images, their ingredients, their price and postage charges. (The only thing we don’t let them do is write the descriptions – that’s our job so we can be completely honest about the product!).

Our current suppliers are:

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