Good question. Paleo (Pay-Lee-Oh) gets its name from the Paleolithic era, and generally means eating natural food that our cavemen ancestors would have eaten (meat, vegetables nuts and berries) and avoiding foods they wouldn’t recognise (refined sugar, dairy, soy, grains, beans, potatoes and highly refined seed oils such as rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and canola oil).

But don’t get hung up on the whole caveman thing, because when you do you can get your knickers in a twist about what our ancient ancestors did and didn’t eat/do. For example, did cavemen dig up and eat grubs? Probably. Do we? No. (Although we do like a bit of cricket flour – coming soon to the shop.) Would a caveman have eaten duck crackling or Avocado oil mayo? Probably not. Do we? Absolutely. Why? Because whilst it would be ideal to simply survive on organic meat, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds, it just doesn’t seem realistic. Not for our family anyway. Paleo should not feel like being ‘on a diet’. It’s a permanent way of living – just like being vegan.

For us, Paleo is about eating what makes our bodies and minds feel good. It’s about choosing wisely, making sure food is as natural as possible, not filled with additives, stabilisers and preservatives, is non-gmo, adheres to the no refined sugar, grains, dairy, highly refined seed oil or legumes principles, and for us, it also needs to be good for people and the environment. No non-sustainable palm oil. No non-fair trade chocolate either (Yes Paleo chocolate does exist). No factory farmed meat (NOT EVER). We could go on. At Paleo & Co it’s got to be food for good.

Be well, feel good

Sounds hard? Actually the only hard thing can be finding the products you want to eat. That’s where the idea for Paleo & Co came from. Our family love eating this way, it makes us feel great, we just hated the stressful shopping.

Much more than food

Despite being a food site you won’t hear much on Paleo & Co about the ‘Paleo Diet’, because to us it is much more than that. Yes people have lost lots of weight by eating this way, but that’s just a benefit of being healthier. Paleo starts with what you eat, but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll find the way of life quietly creeps into everything you do – it’s all about finding balance in your life. It’s why you’ll find some skin care products on here too. It’s about being well and feeling good.

Like anything, you can find scores of people writing positive and negative things about Paleo. We’ve read most of them with interest, and it’s important to come up with your own conclusions. What we will say is this. People who have eaten this way for a while – even just 30 days – tend to see the benefits for themselves and no longer have to rely on journalists and ‘expert opinions’. So if you’re unsure, why not try it for 30 days?

Look out for our blog post featuring  our top tips on get started – coming soon.